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Living in the Present and Weight Loss

Living in the past and in the future, in our minds, gives way to positive and negative influences or self speak.   The negative talk in our heads may be based on how we did yesterday or the past week when we didn’t reach our goals, or maybe even when we failed miserably.  We might hear echoing in our heads, “You’re not going to lose this weight.  You are tired of this diet.  What’s the point?”

If you did well, you might hear, “Well, that may have been a good week, but remember two weeks ago?  You haven’t even gotten back on track yet.” Or, “Well, maybe you did well this week, but that doesn’t mean you will do well next week.”  That kind of negative talk can discourage the best of us.

On the other hand, positive self talk can lead to expectations which occasionally back fire.  For example, you are doing well and say to yourself, “Wow, I am doing great!  I can’t wait to see how much I lose next week!  It’s going to be great!”  Setting up these expectations can backfire because if we don’t do as well as we thought we should, we might beat ourselves up about it and our experience becomes negative.

Living in the past or the future can lead to us telling ourselves we did bad, or we did good.  Living in the present there is no good or bad, it just is.

Truly living in the now, in the present, with no past in our memory, is difficult because how would we have language if we had no past to draw upon?  Would we even think about losing weight?

For our purposes lets say we can live 80% in the present so we can still have our language and our goals yet still quiet all the talk in our heads about the past and the future.  From that space, the chatter is quiet.  While keeping our awareness in the present, we are more aware of the physical self, the spiritual self, the emotional self, and even the intellectual self.  In that quiet we are more aware of who we really are and how we are connected to the world around us.

Learning to quiet that little voice in the back of our heads can be a daunting task.  However, the more we practice quieting that voice the better we will become at it because we will be increasing our awareness of the ongoing commentary.  For me, as I have practiced this, when I hear the voice chime in, I instantly ignore and hum to myself to push the voice off the audio stage in my mind.

The main reason I wanted to bring up living in the now for weight loss is because in the now there are no failures, there are no expectations, there is no beating ourselves up.  There is only our beautiful and wonderful self and our connection to the Great Everything.  In that state I find everything to be so much gentler, easier, and beautiful. I believe we can learn to superimpose the state of being in the “now” over our daily lives.  I can manage this for short periods of time until I forget, but then when I remember, I begin again.

Peeling back the layers of emotion also helps with living in the now.  There is a stillness deep within that is majestic, powerful, and is you.

I would love to hear from anyone who tries this and how living in the now works for you.  Thanks for listening!


Getting the pump put into our new well . . . by children?

I must really be getting old!

I went outside to watch the men working and the men looked like kids to me! Turns out the one on the left is 21 and the one on the right is 26. Both perfectly capable experienced workers!

The one on the left has been working with his dad since he was eight, learning the trade, and totally knows what he’s doing. I’m very happy to be getting this done so we can have enough water again.

We have barely had enough for drinking lately, towards the end of this hot dry summer. Laundry mats and stacked up dirty dishes have been the norm for the past few weeks. Hallelujah for running water.

Meeting Frank Shu Tang Dong

John and I travelled to California this week to look at the shops and art and make contacts in the art world in Southern California.  We had a great time.  I loved talking to the shop owners and other artists and eating at great food places with John.

Here is a wonderful artist I met today while he was painting in his little booth at the Ferry Building Marketplace.  His name is Frank Shu Tang Dong, and he has been painting for 50 years.  Some of his work is in museums now.

His website is


What a sweet man and there is such a good feeling about him.  His art is quite varied and at least 6 or 7 paintings really caught my eye, but I only bought two!

“Layers of Fluff!”

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 5.47.13 PM

Here is the felted piece that seems to be lively and almost dancing.  I have since added some things (photo coming later in another post) but I loved this before piece as well so thought I would share.  Below is a slideshow of the details of “Layers of Fluff.”  This  piece is approximately 18″x16″.

“Layers of Fluff” was felted using merino wool, Jacob’s wool locks, and dyed silk hankies.

I will post the new look of “after the additions” soon and I am curious which people will say they like better.  I would appreciate your opinions.  Thanks!

detail 5 fluff

detail 3 of layers of fluffdetail 2 of Layers of fluffdetail 1 of layers of fluff

“Among The Coral” – A felted painting.


“Among The Coral”  Approx. 18″x24″

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slideshow above are detailed images of “Among The Coral”.

I’ve had some requests for wall art so I’ve been creating things in the past few months.  This one, which I’ve titled “Among The Coral”, was inspired by a beautiful dried leaf which twisted and exhibited amazing colors.  Once I laid out the colors, the piece looked more like a water picture so I added some little moving orange inhabitants.

This piece is of dyed merino wool, silk, alpaca, vintage sari pieces, and sparkly sequins.

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