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At this point in my journey I believe the most important thing we gain in this life is our relationships.  This means connecting with others.  Not only with other people, but with everything that exists.  I know this probably sounds a little “woo woo” but I guess I am a little woo woo. Lol!

To treat everything with respect, and to appreciate all things, can help to create relationships with everything.  See my blog entitled “Alone In The Woods” (yet to come).

I created this blog and website to connect with other people through sharing my thoughts, lessons, and possible insights.  I hope you glean a few things which will benefit you on your journey through life.

I was married, had 5 children, and was divorced.  Devastation.  I remarried and had 4 more children.  I was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a wonderful family oriented and supportive Christ centered church which I still attend.  What I blog about has less to do with my religion or my upbringing and more to do with lessons I have learned as an adult searching for happiness and peace.  My church teaches “If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” Articles of Faith #13.

At different times in life I have experienced extreme joy and also extreme depression.  In searching out help for depression I found many wonderful teachers and philosophies.  I love that I was taught to seek after any praiseworthy thing.  My journey to overcome depression led me to attend many classes.  I started with survival classes (to survive life) and moved quickly into the more spiritual and philosophical classes (to find myself).  I attended Tom Brown Jr.’s Trackerschool (see Resources for more info) for 10 years as an avid student (some would say addict).  I have also attended three years of Malcolm Ringwald’s Earth-Heart training classes, and three years of Niaszih healing system training with Karl Direske and other teachers at Wilderness Fusion.

My search for knowledge in the world of herbs and herbalism led me to take Roots of Herbalism and The Family Herbalist series with Emily Ruff at Florida School of Holistic Living.

At one point I attended a women’s retreat with Allyson Rice (she has a website now: Allyson-Wonderland), where I brought home new deep understanding about life, see blog about “We Are Universes” (yet to come).

I have read extensively, especially self help books, books on relationships, and spiritual awareness books.  I have listed a few of my favorites in the Resources page on this website.

I value my family more than anything.  I love each of my children with all my heart.  How is that possible?  I know I do because I have felt this for each and every one of my wonderful children!  What a blessing they are to my life.

I love colors and color combinations, they bring me joy.  I love working with wool.  Wool feels amazing to my fingers.  I love nature.  I love horses, when I touch them I am very present and not off in my head somewhere.  I love making connections with people.  I also love disconnecting from everything to be still and be with myself, quietly, deep in my core.  But even in there, there is connection with The Great Everything.

I recently moved back to Oregon, with my two youngest children, to be near my extended family.  My husband is still running his business in Florida and visits when he can.  My health has deteriorated to the point that any thing that causes me stress or worry makes my body hurt (see blog entitled My “Very Spoiled” Nervous System).  I work on things that bring me joy.  I have limited energy, but I can do some things, even physical labor for short periods of time, and I am careful to rest when I need to.  I am happy and content to focus on joy, and share the things I’ve learned on my personal journey.

I wish love and many blessings to all of you.



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