Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

Repeating Patterns

Here are some photos I took because I couldn’t resist the repeating patterns of the wood rafters and other fun patterns at the building site of our spiral straw bale cottage.  Someday I want to make this experience into a book showing our mistakes and our successes.

Pretty rafters all lined up.

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We Ain’t Cold, We’re Vikings!

hauling rafters.png

Would I have been out here in the snow if it weren’t for Cheryl?  . . . no.  Ha ha!

Cheryl often says, “I can do it, I’m a Viking!”  Not wanting her out there trying to lift those rafters on her own, which would have been difficult to say the least, I went out and helped her.  After all, I’m a Viking too, right?  I wonder if we do that DNA test, who would be most Viking?  😉

I found working in the snow wasn’t that bad.  Of course, I had on the big fluffy down jacket my dad gave me a few years back when I still lived in Florida.  Glad I have it now!  Also, under my long skirt I had on stretch pants.  Then there are the Ugg type boots I was wearing, a great thrift store find . . . and a scarf to keep my ears warm.  Yeah, we’re tough. We’re Vikings.  We’re well insulated Vikings!

We worked to get the outline of her rooftop done and tarped, so her “tiny house” aka her studio, could be covered from the rain and snow until she can work on it after this new semester.

We worked and worked, then had to go in to rest and get warm.  Then back to work.  We paced ourselves because we just don’t have that much stamina!  We did not get the tiny house along as far as we had hoped, but we are close to the goal.

Today (Sunday) was to be her last day to work on it before school starts for her.  She had been working through her winter break on the structure, even when sick, and today she was really under the weather so we decided to rest.  I was glad we were resting because I was exhausted and I’m not even sick!

Here are some more photos of our working yesterday.

bones without roof.jpg
Before we started the roof bones.
Cheryl attaching things while I hold rafter steady (out of picture).
Looking good.jpg
MMMmmm HHhmmm . . . Looking good!
Working up high.
Yipee!  Done for the day.  Getting dark.
View out the double doors on south west side.

I do love building projects, especially ones like this which will be so beautiful when finished!  I wouldn’t choose to work in this weather, however, Viking or no.

Cheryl’s Studio Rendering Done!


This is an approximation of how Cheryl’s studio will look in the setting of my yard.  Cheryl and friends have already gotten the base of the floor done and some of the wall bones up.  With the weather being only intermittently dry, she takes the moments as they come and dons her warm fluffy jacket and boots and works till she’s too cold.  Then she comes in and warms up before going out again.

To see some preliminary drawings and fun photos, building up to all this, click on the link below:


Sister Cheryl’s Tiny Archetect Studio Coming to Life

As the sun sets slowly in the west, Cheryl and my husband John put plywood on the joists of Cheryl’s tiny architect studio. Between the joists are some of the 4 inch thick rigid foam insulation pieces given to her through Craig’s list.

On sprinkely overcast days like today, sometimes I feel like just staying inside the nice warm house, but when I get outside and help with a project I always feel so invigorated and happy afterwards. Then when I go in the house I feel like I’ve gotten something accomplished. Today, while Cheryl and John worked on her studio, I spent my time outside insulating the pipes that run to the automatic watering troughs in the barn and fixing a broken latch and taking care of the horses with Ryan.

The Hay Got Wet!


This morning when I came out to feed the horses I noticed the hay was wet. Yesterday it rained all day, and the water seeped through the unprotected boards that are the walls of the barn. That is bad. Nobody wants wet moldy hay!

As you can see in this photo, the walls are not complete, and there is no protective siding yet to keep the hay dry.

Breeze through area with hay and saddle areas along the left wall.

When I woke I noticed that the day had dawned glorious and sunny, though the weather report said rain. I seized the day. The sunshine meant we could work in dry conditions as we put siding up on the barn. The siding will keep the inside walls dry which in turn will keep the hay dry, and the tack, and everything else. I’m so delighted with the beautiful weather today.

The siding we are using was donated by a man in Washington.  I am using cement based siding on the lower rows, and wood pressed siding on the upper rows.


Juliana brushing Bae in the area soon to be stalls.