Poor Chicken!

Some of you animal people out there may know about the little rings you can buy to put on the ankles of baby chicks so you can tell them apart. The problem is, when the chickens grow up it can potentially create a health problem. I noticed one of our chickens that still has a … More Poor Chicken!

OK, I think I am straightening all this out.

My “Paradise Petting Farm” website is found at http://www.paradisefarm.sitey.me   It is still under construction but you can see some of the things I am going to be offering. This website, micheleballantyne.com , my WordPress site, will remain my blog place and my art place. My “Survival Skills” website is under construction and will be … More OK, I think I am straightening all this out.

New Year is Here!

New Years Eve is here and the Christmas Holiday is past.  Time to clear the decks for another wonderful year. It’s funny how, even with all the crazy and often extremely difficult experiences in my life, I always feel somewhat like a princess, spoiled with love by the Great Everything.  Maybe being brought up by … More New Year is Here!