Chicken and horse synergy

Watching the chickens sift through the horse manure and find food is kind of gratifying. They are benefiting from all the little bugs and worms that live in the manure. Plus they break apart the manure and cause it to decompose faster . . . I think.

Chickens are so fun to watch. I especially love looking at them when they run away from where I am because they have such a cute waddle run. And I love it when they come up close and eat food out of my hand. They get very brave when they’re wanting me to give them cat food and they get right up to me. They love cat food LOL.

I was thinking about not having chickens anymore but I kind of love them and it’s hard to think about getting rid of them. I just need to make it easier to find their eggs because they are masterful at hiding them. Free range is fun but messier and difficult to find eggs. I’m going to have to come up with a better way of taking care of them so I can benefit more by having more eggs available to me and less poop underfoot.

I love how the rooster will find food for the hens and call them with a quiet little special cluck. It’s a little excited noise he makes and his women come running. Or watching the mama and her chicks when she finds food and makes her little noises that bring all the chicks to her. They’re such a community in a way, but there are some bullies and the mamas keep their babies away from the other hens and the rooster, to keep them safe.

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