Workaholic? Addicted to Sparkle and Shine? Or Maybe it’s the Bidding? LOL!

As Christmas approaches I find myself having a difficult time focusing my attention on the  holiday season.  I’ve started buying brooches to go with the scarves I make, hoping to sell some to my customers . . . making it easier for them to get gorgeous brooches and match them to the scarves they make at workshops, or to the scarves I make.

I’ve learned that there a lot of brooches that say “vintage” when they are simply new brooches that have a vintage look to them.  Most of them have the crystals/rhinestones glued in rather than held in with prongs.  Some of the glued ones are vintage too, but I figured out with my super smart brain that the ones that say 689 sold are not really vintage!  The true vintage brooches say “only one available” and you know the sparkly treasure is something someone enjoyed years ago, coming around again for a new life with another precious woman who loves sparkle!

Rhinestones are my favorite.  I guess I just love the way they glitter and shine.  I picked up a signed Weiss rhinestone brooch and it arrived yesterday.  It is my favorite so far, though there are many gorgeous brooches that have arrived already, with more to come.  But this one in particular is just stunning!  Not overly large, only an inch and a half, the clear, spiral flower shaped brooch has a presence about it that is almost magical!  I may have to keep this one, it just speaks to me.

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 12.47.48 AM.png
The little beauty, a Weiss brooch.

I’ve been going on eBay and bidding for some of them, which is kind of fun, to say the least!  Sometimes I can purchase a brooch outright, but often they are up for auction.  I only buy the ones that knock my socks off, whether they are true vintage and a little more money, or very inexpensive mass produced brooches.  I am partial to the vintage brooches, however, they are so classy!!  I am going to have to make a “light box” for photographing these to do them justice!  I will also be selling these with my scarves on my Etsy store when I get it going.

A larger gorgeous Weiss Brooch.


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