Friction Fire Party! Woot woot!!

Photos of our friction fire party courtesy of an attendee, Dawn Clay. Thank you Dawn for the beautiful photos!

Paul Jenkins, a sculptor at Lunaria Gallery in Silverton, Oregon. Working on his handheld piece.

Genie Stewart (the weaver) a member of Lunaria Gallery, in Silverton Oregon, working on her fireboard notch.

Ron Clay, Dawn’s husband, working on his coal.

Me working the bow drill.

Yayyy!!!! I got a coal, with the help of Teresa, another attendee, who worked the bow drill with me as a team. That always works really well.

Smokey Joe coal embryo, waiting for the real birth.

Bright red and glowing, now to blow it into flame.

Delicate old weathered leaves and dandelion fluff in my tinder bundle.

Below, we have ignition! The birth of fire!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Group shot: Ron Clay, Me, Teresa who I met at the “Galentine Hop” at Lunaria, Paul Jenkins, and Genie Stewart. We had a fun time making our bow drill kits and working toward making fire together. Sharing this unusual skill with my friends … priceless! I want to have another friction fire party in a few months. Let me know if you want to attend!! Email me at

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