My Goals for the Year

Goal #1: This year I am going to write 93,600 words, which is 312 pages, of my book about how I went from hopeless, helpless, stuck, and depressed, to where I am now: happy, confident, and excited about life! In order to do this, I will write three days a week, 600 words (two pages) a day. This takes about one and a half hours.

Goal #2: I have a show at Lunaria Gallery in Silverton, Oregon scheduled for July of this year. I will create at least 14 items for the show. Some items will be wearable art, and some will be wall art. This will take me approximately 300 hours, which divides up into four hours a dar, three days a week.

Goal #3: I will promote my art and writing by learning how to use social media more effectively. I will share through social media some of my planning, my thoughts, my successes and failures, and photos and reels of me making visual art. I will spend four hours, three days a week to accomplish this goal. My coach Teresa Haag says we need to be spending as much time promoting our art as we do making our art. She is very a successful artist (6 figure income) so I believe her.

We just finished a week with Teresa Haag coaching us on setting goals. We learned to set goals, then plan the way will will make them happen with a backwards perspective, It works like this: We decide on our goals for the long term, and short term, then we plan the timing by working backwards like a good cook does when planning a meal. Starting at the end result we calculating what it will take to have our goals completed by the date we set. This method of goal setting essentially makes the achievement of the goal inevitable!

When evaluating our success we do that from the looking back method as well. When we hit the deadline we do not immediately look ahead and think about our next goal, or what he have not finished; instead we look back at what we have achieved so far and celebrate that. This approach is more positive and builds on gratitude for what we have done and how we have grown. Even if we did not reach our goal, we can look at what we learned along the way, and how much we did do.

Here is the portrait of my future self we were asked to draw, who we use as our wise and incredibly successful, already made it, self, I am flying on my flying carpet above all the doubters and naysayers who would tall me I can’t do it. The negative people cannot reach me. The only way I won’t achieve my goals is if I quit. Success is inevitable when goal setting this way.

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