There are no Ugly Witches

Tom Brown Jr, my Trackerschool instructor, says, “There are no ugly witches”. That is because the dark side knows that in order to entice, lure, and distract, there must be attractiveness. Attractiveness triggers desire. Attractiveness draws us in.

I believe that there is a personal vision we each carry, deep within our soul, that craves expression in this life. We remember this vision occasionally, when it pops into our heads, only to set it aside repeatedly, as distractions draw us away down time consuming rabbit holes or beautiful swirling tangents.

I love distractions. I am easily lured by pretty art, or stories, or fascinating things, and more often than not, I set my vision aside to pursue some enticing new interest. I learn a lot. I become a Jill of all trades. I see the good in learning and exploring new understanding, and developing my talents, but when do I pursue my true vision? There’s the rub. Beautiful distractions are all around us, and all are interesting and beautiful, and I dare say, maybe even necessary for one’s vision, but when does distraction become the enemy?

Distraction becomes the enemy when we are robbed of the true deep vision we carry; when we are so distracted we fail to focus on our true hearts desire. We fritter away our lives in day to day necessities of living, and then distractions for relaxation. At the end of our lives we ask ourselves, where did the time go? Why did I not bring my deepest vision to light? I leave the world without sharing the most important thing.

Well, anyway, that’s the way my mind works.

To bring my vision back into focus, I love to lie on a blanket on the grass or on the ground, relaxing, letting all my cares fall away; releasing my pain and darkness; feeling the great earth draw the darkness from me and I let it go. I feel connected to something vast, eternal, and nurturing. That state of being reminds me of, not only the things I need to get done that day, but when I dig further, reminds me of my deep vision that I would be sorry to neglect until too late. I ask myself, “What is the most important thing for me to remember to do?” I could ask for today, for this week, for this life, or for any time frame. And I surrender to the answer. If I want to go further, I can ask myself, “Aside from that, what is the most important thing for me to remember to do?” By asking this sacred question, over and over, I can create a list to guide me toward fulfillment in life, toward greater peace.

I encourage you to try this and see what list comes up for you. Notice the change when the question is asked for the day, the week, your life, or any other time frame. When you surrender all thought and go to nothingness, your inner vision will show you know the answers.

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