Eating cleavers, cranesbill, dock (young leaves sparingly), dandelion, and young blackberry leaves in May and June in Salem, Oregon.

Harvesting young dock leaves for food
Young leaves of the dock plant.
Dock plants in patio cracks
Young leaves of blackberry plant and cleavers in a box.
Dandelion leaves with the others.
Cranes bill plant.

There is no need to go to the grocery store for greens in Salem, Oregon in May and June if you let the edible weeds proliferate in your yard! This year I have been more diligently harvesting, using, and drying the edible wild plants in my yard than ever before. I am discovering that the more I harvest gently, without destroying or devastating the plants, the more they produce!

Using them fresh I have been putting these plant leaves into my blender and making smoothies with them along with yummy UMP protein powder graham cracker flavor, as well as wild blueberries from the frozen food section of the grocery store, flax seeds, and fresh banana. Any number of other yummy and nutritional ingredients could be added. I find the combination I described, the the right percentages, tastes like a milkshake! Yummy! My kids even like it.

The extra I don’t use right away goes into my food dehydrator to be dried and stored for later use. These plants are producing so much I don’t have time to harvest it all. I am LOVING natures bounty!!

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