Teresa Haag: Life Coach, Art Coach

My daughter Melanie turned me on to an art coach who is also trained as a life coach. She is already a very successful artist herself and now she is helping other artists learn to succeed. Wow, do I appreciate what Teresa is teaching me! I am signed up for a course with Teresa Haag so I expect you will be hearing more from me as I progress along this path!

My focus this year is finally writing the book I have been starting over and over and never finishing. This book is about my journey from helpless, hopeless, depressed, and confused to powerful, confident, joyful, and clear headed! I am really loving the process of speaking from my heart and relating my actual experiences, even the silly ones. So please stay tuned for more sharing ❤️

If you want to check out Teresa’s site, click HERE

Teresa Haag, my art coach!

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