Dreaming Writing

I dream I am laying on my paper filled desk, giving birth. As I labor I find it odd to be laying on my desk instead of in a hospital, or in a bed. My labor progresses and I give birth; not to human babies, but to puppies! I wake up.

Having been taught dream interpretation by my teacher, and how to look for clues and understand my own filters, I realized I was giving birth to something which was not a human baby. I was laying on my desk where business is taken care of, but the puppies were emerging on the little pull out board which is used when the desk is full and something flat and hard is needed to put paper on for writing. Soooo, they were born on the writing part of the desk! I am giving birth to my writing. The writings are my children. The symbol of puppies showed me I am not dreaming about giving birth to my human children (which I have done many times), but to something else. I am creating something different now. Something from me, of me, and by me. I am creating my story to share.

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