Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

Repeating Patterns

Here are some photos I took because I couldn’t resist the repeating patterns of the wood rafters and other fun patterns at the building site of our spiral straw bale cottage.  Someday I want to make this experience into a book showing our mistakes and our successes.

Pretty rafters all lined up.

View from above the skylight.
Trying to capture the sunburst pattern in the rafters.
The woodpile just delighted my eye.
Can you see the spiral in the roof here ?
This square hole becomes an opening skylight.
Cinderblock base for the walls.
The base for the cob mix and straw bales.


My son Matthew scraping the walls.
I thought these looked cool before we cover them up.  Jugs and cartons save cobbing time and create insulating spaces.
Had to take a photo of these ropes because there is a snake hiding in them.  If you look carefully you can see his little head peeking out, and part if his neck.  But as I look at this photo, I just love the patterns of the ropes.
More patterns with the bookshelves.

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