Washing Wool



I’m learning to wash wool by watching videos on youtube.  There are many schools of thought about how to wash wool.  In this photo I have a lambs fleece, dark brown, of Merino/Gotland cross, which is soft and curly crimped.  Very pretty.  I hope I don’t ruin it.  The first stage is to soak in a tub with a special wool soap I got at Namaste Farms.  They have a shocking name for the soap so you will never forget it.  They have the one called “Dirty Rotten B______” and another for less greasy wool called “Wash and Dye B______”.  You’ll have to look at their site because I’m not going to say it (purses my lips demurely).

After letting this soak for 12 hours, I  drain and repeat.  This wool produced a lot of dirt in the water.  This photo is at the beginning of the second soak!  It’s important to allow at least an inch or water under the bag of wool to let the dirt settle in off the wool.

Because this was a greasier type fleece, I also washed in hot water after the two cold water soapy soaks.  I think it felted a little, but I can still pull the locks apart.  Here is a photo of the washed wool.  I plan to use it for texture in my felting, and also spin some of it.


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