Building Floors in our Crooked Little Barn


We had the horses out in the pasture but Bae figured out she could push the gate open and decided to see what we were doing!  I had to tell her, “No!” and she stopped.  She is so curious!!  We shut the stall door and kept on working.

I have been so sick this past week, but really wanting to get the floors done so their feet can get better (they have struggled with thrush this winter).  With spring break here I put out an ad at church for a worker or two who wanted to earn some $$ from the youth group.  One fellow answered my ad and he is such a great worker!  Yay!  Hopefully we will get the three stalls done this coming week.


Obviously I do not always do things in a conventional way.  I didn’t want to have to measure and cut each floor joist so I just tilted them a little and they work just fine.  On top of these we are putting pressure treated 2×4’s with gaps between the boards to let the urine drain on through.  We’ll paint the top with oil based paint to help preserve the wood and to keep the toxins away from the horses nibbling mouths.  With bedding on top of the floor and drain gaps between the floor boards, I think they will be quite comfortable.

One response to “Building Floors in our Crooked Little Barn”

  1. My cousin Sally told me we could double the strength of these floors by putting in a “rot” board. A board running along the ground parallel to the joists, that holds up another long board running perpendicular to the joists, attached to each joist from below. Sounds like a great idea!


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