Fiber Painting #1 Finished


Best image of city underworkings IMG_3191
“City Under Workings”    20″ x 30″

Detail of skyscrapers and gears.  Skyscrapers were made with cut outs from “silk hankies” (bought online at Outback Fibers).


Detail of dark clouds over skyscrapers.  Skyscrapers were from cut silk hankies.  Used black “throwsters waste” (bought online at Outback Fibers) and gold threads from the edge of a sari above the building shapes.  Used brown threads to accentuate the shape of the brown building.


Detail of gears (bought online on eBay) and sparkly beads.  Gold torn material woven through colored merino before felting from gold silk material.


Detail of sky with black french knots embroidered in as little birds and black throwsters waste as dark edges of sky.

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