What do you see here? And here?

Wallhanging #1   (30″ x 20″)
Wallhanging #2   (28″ x 19″)

Here are my next two fiber art pieces right after felting and drying.  My cousin Sally suggested I not state anything about them, or their titles, and see what people think.

I have made some changes or embellishments on each of these pieces since these photos were taken which may influence how they are seen, so I will save the finished photos for another post after hearing comments, if anyone wants to give their impressions of wallhanging #1 and #2.

6 responses to “What do you see here? And here?”

  1. #1 is a landscape with poofy clouds that have very cool contrast. There is a river with big wormies wriggling down the current. They are looking for trouble, Heeeeeee (mischeivioug grin)

    #2 is the cross section of a cell specifically zoomed in on a few mitochondria. I see the endoplasmic reticulum is hard at work!

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  2. Wow! I looked up mammoth hot springs and . . . Wow! I never knew that was there in Yellowstone. We got robbed! I want to go see that.

    And I can totally see the reason he says it looks like that. I saw images of very colorful parts that had the same spiky tips on the rounded forms.


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