My Client's Reaction

“Sea Marries Sky” 6ft.x 3.75ft.

Well, my daughter reminded me that I didn’t blog about my client’s reaction to the wall hanging I felted for her.  Her reaction was wonderful!  She was so happy with how the wall hanging turned out.  She didn’t realizer it would be so bug, though this was the size we agreed upon.  She also hadn’t expected me to stretch it onto a frame so it would be ready to hang, but I wanted to because it looks so much better that way!  She said,”My friends will be jealous!”

I said, “Give them my number!”

She wanted to know how much extra she owed me considering how I put it on a frame for her.

I said, “I’m not expecting anything for that and the materials only cost about $15.   I just wanted to make it look it’s best before bringing it over.  But you can give me a tip if you want to.” ๐Ÿ™‚

She wrote out the check for $100 extra!  I was tickled pink!!!  I practically danced all the way to my car!!


5 responses to “My Client's Reaction”

    • Thanks Linda! And, I guess it’s that self doubt that makes me think she might not like it. But I loved it and if she didn’t I would have made her another one and either kept this one or sold it to someone else. Ya just never know until they see it. I am so happy she was delighted with it. That just made my month!

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