Everyone's success is your success. 

This is a statement that my teacher Tom Brown Jr. says during class. I didn’t understand it completely although I understood the concept. He would say that if someone got a success in an exercise we were doing for class, that shows that it’s possible to get a success, therefore it’s also possible for others to get a success. 

This concept reminds me of when the first person ran a mile in under four minutes. It was thought to be impossible until it was done, then others started running a mile in less than four minutes.

During my early time in Tracker school, sometimes I would think about how much I was missing out on. I knew so many people who were having adventures up in the woods, practicing survival, etc. I was home with my children homeschooling them. I was feeling a little stuck; not able to have those other experiences.

I wondered about that a lot and felt envious.

Then one day, when I was doing a meditation where I was filled with light, my question got answered. I understood at a whole body level that if someone else accomplished something, it was as if I accomplished that thing.

My whole perspective changed and I no longer felt like I was missing out on anything. I was so happy for things other people were able to do and I felt a part of it.

It’s easy now to be delighted with what other people accomplish and not feel the least bit envious because it doesn’t matter who has an experience, the experience belongs to me too; to all of us. Anyone’s success is everyone’s success.

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