Chicken Boy

Ryan and Juliana went with Amber a few weeks ago and got a whole mess of checks. Ryan likes to check them every day to make sure they’re OK and bond with them.

He finds worms and feeds them to the chickens, and carries the chickens around so they can be used to him. This is his favorite. Her name is Peggy.

2 responses to “Chicken Boy”

  1. Loved the picture of Ryan and Peggy.

    What a handsome young man he is.

    Grown quite a bit in these past 2 years.

    Wish you all could come again this way!

    Best wishes to everyone, Helga

    PS: Looks like you are already enjoying a vibrant spring,

    green grass, some crops coming up and trees blooming.


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    • The weather has been unusually rainy this year, but good because some years have been drought. The garden is still there from last year. I covered it with old sheets during freezes, like we do in Florida with out tropical plants when it freezes. 🙂


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