Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge again . . .

OK, I wanted to get a little more oddball so here goes . . .

When I uncovered a cob stove pipe at my spiral straw bale cottage, a little friend jumped on me.  Had to get a shot, though not something I will include in my photo journal of my house being built.  Or maybe I will . . .
new camera playing with ghosts, baby ryan 018
My youngest who is in no mood to get his picture taken, but too adorable to not snap a shot!
The path to the swimming hole at Tracker School.
Looking out the door of my little “Wikki Tikki” (what we call our smaller spiral cob / straw bale house.
Extending the rafters on the Wikki Tikki.


Juliana getting hair ratted for Halloween by Melanie.  Ryan photo bombing.

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