Carpeting the corral… um … What?! — Edit: don’t do this, thrush loves carpet.

I had the brilliant (we’ll see) idea to lay down old pieces of carpet in the corral to keep the horses feet from sinking so deep into the mud. I had Rachel come over today and the missionaries volunteered to help as well. 

We… or I should say … they… smoothed out all the marks and rolled the mud and hog fuel flat, then laid out the strips of used carpet. I ran out of the free carpet I got and will need to go get more.

Everyone I have told about the carpet in the corral thought it was a bad idea. Maybe it is. We’ll see.

We are also getting gutters up to eliminate a lot of the water pouring into the corral every time it rains.

The weather has been so wonderfully cooperative. I’m so grateful for that. The last few days have been pretty dry and even sunny. Today it has held off on any sprinkles too.

I want to go get more carpet so that we can completely cover that area. Hopefully some very large ones. I’ll let you know if my idea of carpeting the corral works or not.

4 responses to “Carpeting the corral… um … What?! — Edit: don’t do this, thrush loves carpet.”

    • Yes. I got the idea from something I did in Florida. I got tired of always having wet sandy feet coming in the back door because it rains a lot there and the dirt is mostly sand, so I laid a big carpet down on the sand off of our back porch. It worked really well and eventually grass and the weeds grew up through it and over it. Years later I decided to remove it and I was surprised at how strong it still was! Ha ha

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