What to do, what to do? My horses are in the mud!

I’ve been keeping my horses in their stalls more because it’s so very wet outside. I’ve switched to pine pellets for moisture absorption but the ground is so wet that that bedding is getting damp too.

The hog fuel which were supposed to keep our horses feet out of the mud, is not doing the trick. We’re going to either have to clean it out and put gravel in there or get a covered arena. Or maybe we just never had good enough drainage in that area. At any rate, I’m getting pretty tired of dealing with thrush.

Do I build a covered arena? Do I build a new barn? Do I move to a dryer location?

Time for some research. Our Ferrier suggested gravel with pea gravel on top. For the barn, she suggested clearing out all the bedding and putting gravel under raised floor boards with mats on the floor boards.

She said stay away from the straw betting because it doesn’t seem to be helping with the thrush. We have been the only ones she knows using straw bedding and our horses are the only ones struggling so much with thrush.

Any suggestions out there?

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