Yesterday's scarf felting workshop was awesome!

Yesterday Beth, Penny, and I spent a long afternoon getting to know each other better, learning the process of felting, creating art scarves, and enjoying the snacks we each brought to the party.

I teach a process which creates a reversible and fairly strong scarf due to the many layers of fiber involved.  My guests today chose to use marino wool, silk, baby camel/silk blend, and some tencel (A fiber made from wood pulp — soft as silk but stronger).

Our workshop today lasted from noon till about 6:30pm. It was an unhurried afternoon of enjoyment. We had soft music in the background and I took the time to do a mini demonstration before they started so they understood the process pretty well from the beginning.  

I mentioned my brooch collection and that some people might enjoy creating scarves based on a brooch they have (a woman actually commissioned me once to make a scarf for her based on a vintage brooch she had inherited). I showed the vintage brooches, which were more expensive, and I showed the less expensive new brooches. We had fun looking at them and they each chose a beautiful one and based their scarves on the colors in their brooch.  Not a necessary step but a delightful one. 

They laid out their chosen fiber colors and worked through the layers until their scarves were ready to felted. Then on went the screening and soapy water was rubbed on with wadded up plastic bags. We rolled them up onto pool noodle pieces and the agitation begin.  Several hundred agitating rolls later, the scarves will felted and ready to be fringed and fulled. Next came the rinsing, and the hanging and shaping. Once they’re dry they will be ready to be worn.

One of the things I love about felting is a scarf can be finished in one afternoon.  And they look so much different than something knitted or crocheted.

Call or text me to sign up for my next workshop. Click on workshops at the top of my website for more information. The upcoming dates are February 11, or 25th, or March 11, or 25th, From noon till 6 pm.   The cost is $75 when registered with fee paid at least one week in advance. 407-766-2588

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