What… How did that get there?  We knew the horses were smart but…

After the horses had their romp and kick time out in the pasture, Cheryl brought them back in and let them in their stalls with some hay before she came into the house to warm up.

About a half an hour later I saw her and asked how the girls (The horses) were doing. 

“I was just about to go check on them,” she said, and she got up and left the house.

A few minutes later she came in and said, “Michele, I’m not quite sure what happened here. Come and look.”

We went to the barn together and she pointed out a pile of horse poop in the corner, under her nightstand. Remember, she keeps her things out in the barn and sleeps in the loft.

Cheryl also pointed out the empty bag of grain that had been pulled out of the garbage can container where we usually keep it. It had only had a few cups of green left in it  but now the bag was out of the can and empty. 

We also noticed that the little bit of alfalfa pellets left in the bag they came in had been emptied out and we were gone. 

Cheryl told me that when she came out to the barn, all the horses were in their stalls and the gates to this breeze through area were shut!!!!

“Did you clip the latches shut so they can’t open them,” I asked.

She admitted that she hadn’t.

I looked at the innocent darlings.  I can only guess how they got in the grain area, and back in their stalls and shut the gate again before Cheryl came back out.  

They’re good… They’re real good.


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