“A Demon In Her What?!”


Cheryl and I were cleaning the horses feet a couple weeks ago and I was mentioning that Bae was not picking her feet up like I wanted her to, and Cheryl said, “Maybe she has a demon in her anus too.”

“WHAT????,” I asked, wondering what the heck she was talking about!

“A demon in her anus,” Cheryl repeated.

“A demon in her anus?” I asked, incredulously.

“Yeah,” she repeated, “a demon in her anus, just like Mairsiedotes.

I stopped working on Bae’s feet.  I left Bae’s stall.  I walked over to Mairsiedotes stall where Cheryl had been stooped over cleaning Mairsiedote’s feet.  Cheryl was standing up now, looking at me, hoof pick in hand.

I got up close and asked Cheryl again, quietly, “w h a t  d i d  y o u  s a y?”

“I said,” Cheryl said, “‘Maybe Bae has edema in her ankles too, just like Mairsiedotes.”


 . . . I still laugh every time I think of this . . .


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