The Hay Got Wet!


This morning when I came out to feed the horses I noticed the hay was wet. Yesterday it rained all day, and the water seeped through the unprotected boards that are the walls of the barn. That is bad. Nobody wants wet moldy hay!

As you can see in this photo, the walls are not complete, and there is no protective siding yet to keep the hay dry.

Breeze through area with hay and saddle areas along the left wall.

When I woke I noticed that the day had dawned glorious and sunny, though the weather report said rain. I seized the day. The sunshine meant we could work in dry conditions as we put siding up on the barn. The siding will keep the inside walls dry which in turn will keep the hay dry, and the tack, and everything else. I’m so delighted with the beautiful weather today.

The siding we are using was donated by a man in Washington.  I am using cement based siding on the lower rows, and wood pressed siding on the upper rows.


Juliana brushing Bae in the area soon to be stalls.

12 responses to “The Hay Got Wet!”

  1. Michele I stand in total awe of you and what you have accomplished, you must be thrilled at the progress of the barn, looks totally comfortable and so cool. You are awe inspiring sister! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks Helga,
      The barn is truly becoming a comfortable place. We love hanging out with the horses and now we have a shelter to do so. In fact, being there when the rain is tapping on the metal roof is sort of magical. I am excited to get the stalls set up with automatic waterers and hay racks and doors, etc. I also have a fun idea to hang Christmas lights for when we are out there in the evening!


  2. What kind of horses do you have?? Sorry about your Hay! If you have cows, cows don’t mind wet and partly moldy hay…


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