"The Whals Protocol" by Terry Wahls, M.D. : A Book Review

“The Whals Protocol” by Terry Wahls is a book about eating to eliminate inflammation in the body.  This book is “A radical new way to treat all Chroinic autoimmune conditions using Paleo principles.”– Quote from book cover.

Dr. Wahls was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and after years of treating her disease the traditional way, and by then wheelchair bound, she began exploring diet as a treatment for her MS.

She was able to go from pain and wheelchair to walking again and having the energy to write grants for clinical trials to prove that diet is a successful treatment protocol for MS.  Of course, she also wrote a book for us cutting edge people who don’t want to wait decades for clinical trials to tell us what we will already know by trying the diet ourselves.

My daughter, Melissa, was diagnosed with MS this past year.  She suffered daily migraines, and was so tired she was on the couch resting most of the time.  She could not go shopping, cook, do housework or church work, paint, work on genealogy, or any of the activities she usually enjoyed.  Sitting up gave her headaches.  Her husband, a medical student, was doing everything for her, her health was so poor.

Then Melissa found “The Whals Protocol”, by Dr. Wahls, and began her own trial of the protocol.  Melissa has been on the Whals protocol for just over a month.  She came to visit me and asked if I wanted to try the diet.

I said, “Yes,” of course.

Melissa has so much bright energy now that she and my niece, Amber, did all the shopping and cooking for the family during the week Melissa was here.  Melissa is bubbly and excited.  Her eyes sparkle with new light and energy.  I am so happy she has found something that works!

As for me, I can say that the diet, or protocol, is also making me feel great.  I have enough energy to get through my day without a nap, and the physical work I am doing with the barn building and caring for my two children and two horses is getting easier as my energy increases.  This diet is somewhat easier than the Medical Medium Diet (which also was wonderful for me) because the Whals Protocol includes cooked food and meat.

I give this book, and protocol, two giant thumbs up!


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