Our Mustang Rescue Project : Part 6 – The Roof

Cheryl and I put the corrugated galvanized metal roof on today, with the very wonderful help of my husband John, and son Matthew. It was fun being up high and getting so much accomplished! We decided we enjoyed putting the roof on more than building the fence.

The galvanized screws came with neoprene washers that squished underneath the hex heads when tightened. This is supposed to stop any leaking. Let’s hope it works!

After the halfway mark, Cheryl and I had to have an ice cream break. 🙂

It’s important to keep our strength up!

We were supposed to bring the Mustang filly here this evening, to her new home, but rain set us back a day, so she will be coming home tomorrow instead.

At first we were discouraged by the overcast and misty sky, but at one point today, the sun peeked out and we were practically blinded, and instantly overheated from the reflection off the silver roofing.  Then we realized what a blessing the overcast sky was.  Boy did we misunderstand!  I thanked God, and the gracious weather, for those perfectly timed clouds!

our loft cropped


Could we be any happier?  I think not!

As young girls, sharing a room, we used to dream about living together and building our own houses.  We would draw our dream designs and imagine living in them.  Between the spiral houses we each built on Spirit Dreamer Mountain (our place in the hills near Cottage Grove), the art studio in Orlando, and this lean to . . . and the glorious barn we are planning, we are living our girl hood dreams!

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