Our Mustang Rescue Project : Part 3 – My Sister, the Catalyst . . . And Meeting Mairsiedotes the Mustang!

Like da princess, like da boss!

Cheryl Leontina, my kooky, creative, funny, loving, architect sister, likes to joke, “I’m like da princess, like da boss!”  But it’s no joke!

She often tells people, “You may be an immovable object, but I’m an irresistible force of nature!”  It’s true. She is an irresistible force of nature. She also claims, “I’m a catalyst.” This is also true.  She knew that I wanted a horse, and that it would be good for my healing, so she put it out there on Craigslist and Freecycle that we were going to rescue a Mustang and give it a home, and asked for donations of building materials for the barn project.

The response has been enormous. People love to help and especially for a good cause. We now have the mustang picked out and are finishing up part of the lean to shelter area. We will build the barn proper next. We have applied to BLM to adopt her.

Our Mustang is a yearling filly and a very sweet girl.  It was important for us to find a mustang that was not too used to being wild so she could be gentled easily.  Cheryl has named her Mairsiedotes.

The trainer receives payment from BLM to gentle the Mustangs enough to be taken home by regular people. Then we pay a fee to BLM to adopt her.  We must sign a contract to not sell her for a certain period of time and also to have her checked by a veterinarian after one year, to make sure we are taking good care of her.

Cheryl with Mairsiedotes.
Juliana, Mairsiedotes, and Cheryl
Juliana gets a lesson in handling Mairsiedotes.
Me making friends.
Juliana, Mairsiedotes, Me, and Ryan.

We are all very excited to be bringing her home soon!

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