Wilderness Survival Workshop going well.

This past January I joined a homeschool group.  The administrators have allowed me to teach a group of 10 kids ages 8 to 12, and in class I have been sharing some of the most fun things I learned in survival school.  We have played some stalking and awareness games, made clay bowls that we fired in a campfire, made a debris hut, played blindfold games, made cordage, made bow drill kits, made fire, made a snare, and will be “hunting” with quickie bows and throwing sticks this week.  To top it off, we will have a camouflage, capture the flag game, in the dark, trackerschool style, this weekend!

I’m so pleased with how enthusiastic these amazing kids have been.

Melanie and Ryan after they lit the fire.
Melanie working with a student.
A mother watches her child work the bow drill.

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