Fiber Painting #2 Finished

Coral Reef

Here is #2 finished.  I removed the thin gauzy silk material which was originally covering this piece because I felt the whiteness, which became more opaque as the silk dried, dulled the colors too much.  In removing the fabric, the fibers were pulled up and fuzzed a bit, so I re-felted the top of the piece and love the results.  There is a more blended and soft look than before the “silk treatment”.

The fibers I used were vertical Cheviot fibers for the backing, dyed Merino roving for the main color areas, some gold tussah silk for the gold wisps in the center, white baby alpaca tendrils for the white squiggly and cloudy stuff in the center, and you might be able to see the piece of vintage sari silk behind the merino roving on the lower left side.  There is also a small piece of the sari in the upper right corner as well, and little snippets of it where there are dots of black and orange.

Below is the photo (from pinterest) I used for my color inspiration.  I didn’t know what the theme would be, I just loved the colors, and after getting the colors on, I let my imagination take over.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.21.23 PM

I think it’s fun to turn a piece over and over to see how it looks each way:

IMG_3170 (1)


IMG_3170 (2)




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