Christmas stickers

Making stickers for Christmas sales! Another learning curve! Finding the right blank stickers, or finding the right print on demand site. Still working on it, but the Avery site will make them and it is cheaper per sticker when I buy them in bulk to sell, but that is … with the hope it will sell. On speculation, I would say.

Here are some that will be for sale at Lunaria Gallery in December. 2″ x 2″. $6.00 each sheet. I am curious which sheets will sell best. … More Christmas stickers

Throw Pillow Klimt Style Art … perhaps?

This stylized Christmas Tree throw pillow reflects the influence of the art of Gustav Klimt who lived between 1862 and 1918 in Vienna, Austria. Klimt was best known for his paintings of Women, and the interesting backgrounds featuring gold and other colorful shapes all around the subject and her clothing.
Klimt took the everyday and painted it extraordinarily.
We can choose to look at the ordinary things in our own lives with the same awe and imagination as Klimt, and enrich our world with fantasy and glorious appreciation.
This Christmas throw pillow reflects Klimt’s style, a world of delicious delight with rich colors and painterly impressionism.
More Throw Pillow Klimt Style Art … perhaps?

Challenge: Day 2

Using the pens and pencils I used to save for my grandkids when they come over, today, I continue playing with lines and color on card stock 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Below is the image before any editing. Then I tweaked my drawing in the edit section on my phone, see below. Kind of … More Challenge: Day 2

New Years Resolution

Art every day. Some kind of art. Any art. Here is my fun for today!!! I like it. I got the idea from MarmaladeRose. I just discovered her today while I was looking at Pinterest. She’s a fiber artist and does amazing work! You can find Marmalade Rose at