Building a Barn With Kids

From playing in the texture of the hardened cement,

To driving the screws after the board is set in place,

To filling in the gap’s above the cement, 

Kids can feel, and be, useful on a project like this.

My daughter Melanie and her husband Kevin set all the vertical post in place for me because I wasn’t physically able to do it. Then I offered to watch her kids, knowing that they would help me do the walls whenever I had a little energy to work on it!

We work for a little bit then they get 30 minutes video game time before the next small job.  When there 30 minutes is up, of playing time, they can do something else or come ask for another job so they can earn more time. This seems to work very well for everyone.  They like to stay at grandmas house because they get to play, and having them stay with me is easier because they help me work. Of course I just love hanging out with them anyway!

This reminds me of when my children were young. They were always helping me with projects. They learned a lot that way too.

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