Horse Poop — A Neighborhood Irritant

“She’d better get that poop cleaned up or I’m going to be knocking on some doors!” said an irate neighbor from down the street to my daughter Melanie. I don’t think she realized Melanie was my daughter. Probably she thought Melanie was just another walker on the street, getting some exercise.

She probably didn’t see Honey trotting down the street loose just before that, either. I’m sure she would have complained mightily about that! That was the day Honey got loose and went to visit the neighbor’s horses at the end of the street.

The first time the horses pooped on the road I didn’t pick it up right away and cars smashed the horse apples flat. After that I started picking it up right after we rode but the one that got smashed was hard to get off the road. Every time the neighbors walk by I’m sure it annoys a few of the more particular types. We’ve been diligently picking up the horse droppings but that does not prevent the neighbors from looking at us askew.

Because of this attitude, I do not like riding on our street. I told my husband I need to get a horse trailer soon. These girls need their exercise and Juliana and I want to go riding.

I learned they have all aluminum horse trailers, which don’t rest. I’m hoping to get one like that. They’re expensive though so I’m not sure when it will happen. I’m on the lookout for a used one. 

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