New addition to the family!

My dad and mom stopped by this evening and announced they had an interesting animal in their car. My grand nephew ran out to see what it was and came running back in, jumping up-and-down with delight! He was so excited about the animal in the car.
My family brought it into the house.  I was still out running errands.  When I got home and walked into the living room where everyone was visiting, I saw it. A huge beautiful beaver!

He was stuffed but I couldn’t resist hugging and petting his gorgeous soft blonde fur. I felt just like a little girl again when I told my daddy I wanted the beaver and that I just had to have him!

Dad was going to take him and sell him at the flea market but when he saw how much I wanted him, he said, “Easy come easy go,” and laughed. 

So where did my dad get the stuffed beaver? Where does my dad get anything? At a garage sale of course!  For $10.

Mr. Beaver is missing a few claws and a front tooth, but there’s something about him that is just so adorable that I love him anyway.

Leave it to my dad to make the day interesting and fun!

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