Fleeces are Fun!

I love this picture!  I don’t know what it is about wool fleeces but they just make my heart sing!

Here is a Romney fleece I have washed and is now drying all over my art studio. The fiber seem straighter now that it’s washed, and very fluffy. I’m going to enjoy using this wool for fiber art and for spinning.

I probably didn’t wash it correctly (in my bathtub). I’m going to have to look that up one day. I got it washed though and boy was it dirty!

I’ve gone a bit fleece crazy in the last few weeks and have several fleeces to play with, along with smaller amounts of raw wool.

One of my fiber art friends, Sarah Setzer, introduced me to a Raw wool Facebook site where one can buy raw fleeces directly from the sheep owners. I’ve got my fill of fleeces for now and will begin using them for amazingly textured wall hangings! Hee hee.

Full wall palette

My living room has become my work area with track lighting and a wall full of colors.  Originally I had all my wool in sealed up plastic boxes but that was too difficult when I wanted to work. After seeing all the wool out and easy to get to at Alpacas at Marquam Hill Ranch, I decided to keep my wool more accessible.

I asked Bill at the ranch if they had problems with moths. He said no but they also use natural deterrents such as peppermint oil to ensure that the moths will stay away.  I will adopt that idea and keep my wool easier to get to.

The Learning Curve Strikes Again

It turns out I am not supposed to have things featured on Etsy which are already in a store. I can rotate things out of the store and onto Etsy, but not have them in both places at once.  Also, the appropriate etiquette is to price things similarly on my Etsy store as they are priced in the retail stores so as not to undercut the retailers carrying my goods.  That makes sense I suppose.  There is more work to putting things on Etsy too, rather than just handing them to my sis to set up in her store.  So there is some time involved that I would get paid for this way.

I still have workshops, though, where people can learn to make their own custom made scarves for a very reasonable fee, so that’s great; or even come over and together we will custom make something for the cost of a workshop.  That would be fun too.  There are lots of ways to make things work!  I do have a workshop coming up on December 8th, from 11am to 6pm, which has an opening if someone would like to register for it.  Email me at micheleballantynedesigns@gmail.com to register.

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So this is the only item I have on Etsy right now, because it is not in the store yet.  It will be soon, though, if someone doesn’t buy it from me first, either through Etsy, or directly if you live here and know me.

My Etsy Shop is Up and Running! . . . Wait . . . Never mind, I just had to take everything off because I learned I cannot have items here and also at the Arts Center in Corvallis! But I did sell my first scarf there for $150. It was the winter colors one. Yay!!!



The scarves I’ve been showing here are now on Etsy as well as at the Corvallis Art’s Center.  I can sell them less expensively online because Etsy does not take half like the Art’s Center does.  If you are interested, you can visit Etsy by clicking HERE.  The three scarves I made are priced at $95.00 on Etsy instead of $180.00.  More coming as I get them posted . . .

Another Scarf Creation

This scarf was inspired by the colors in The Hobbit movies! I love the gold and browns and blues that seem to be consistent in so many of the scenes. And once I finished the scarf I felt it had taken on a very aquatic theme with the blues and shadows and hints of little golden fishes swimming around.


This wrap/scarf sold to a prominent judge in the Portland area.  Thank you for appreciating my work!!!