Our Mustang Rescue Project : Part 5 – Stringers, Flashing, and Gates

We learned we had to put up 1×4 stringers, horizontally, to attach the corrugated metal roof to.  Also we put up flat sheet metal for the flashing all around the edges.

flashers and screwers

Gates with their hinges and latches had to be put in.  I learned a lot about setting gates, like set them up to be a little higher when shut because when the hinges take over the job of holding up the weight of the gate, there is a little slumping.


We were forced to take a break yesterday, due to rain, then we got busy again as the day waned away, and while working up high, we got a little silly and did a little harmless flashing.  After all, we were the flashers.


John politely averted his eyes.