The One Who Remembers

In the Solveig tribe this man has remembered things most do not. He wonders how his life would have been different if he had had this knowledge when he was a younger man. So he teaches ways of remembering, and how to explore the depths of one’s soul, hoping others will gain understanding earlier than he did. The elders gave him a new name: Minder. … More The One Who Remembers

Emma, Elder, Medicine Woman, Shaman, Crone, Beautiful!

This Christmas Card features watercolor pictures of Emma. 
Emma, the wizened Elder is the Medicine Woman of the Solveig Tribe in old Scandinavia.  Her heart and soul are connected to the plants and to all of Creation.  She is a conduit and generator of healing for her tribe.  Here she is searching for roots to gather for medicine. … More Emma, Elder, Medicine Woman, Shaman, Crone, Beautiful!