Our Mustang Rescue Project! : Part 1 – Post Holes

Son Matthew adding weight to the auger, Cheryl in the background, Daughter Melanie running the machine.  This little Toro Dingo was great and it also has a scraper attachment for grading the ground.  The scraper worked great too.

My sister Cheryl, the architect, has devised a plan to rescue a mustang horse. We are digging the fence posts for the corral today.

Her thesis describes using materials that have been taken down from their previous lives and she wants to repurpose them into shelter and barn for the horses. She’s been asking for donations on line through Freecycle and craigslist, and has received many free items.

Terra cotta roofing tiles donated to yhe project.
Heavy timbers for the barn donated.
Donated wood.

It’s important I stay in my Zen place while we work on this, though. I am instrumental in a way, but it’s easier on my nervous system to think of myself as a helper. I rest when I need to and help when I can.