Lampwork Beads


Above lampwork bead by friskeybeads at  Hand spun felted yarn necklace by me.


Above lampwork beads by friskeybeads on ebay.  Necklace by me.



Above is a wet felted tube bead flanked by lampwork beads with frit decoration and then etched for a matte finish.  Above lampwork beads by dancingfrogjewels of Etsy.  Necklace and felted tube bead by me.

Felted dress by me.

I love finding amazing beads then designing necklaces to match the colors of the beads.

Diana Nagorna Inspired Beaded Bracelet


I just finished this cuff bracelet after watching Diana Nagorna’s you tube video on making a felted beaded bracelet!  This was so fun to make and looks so creamy and rich!

Click here and see Diana Nagorna’s you tube video, and see a master designer at work.