“Among The Coral” – A felted painting.

“Among The Coral”  Approx. 18″x24″

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Slideshow above are detailed images of “Among The Coral”.

I’ve had some requests for wall art so I’ve been creating things in the past few months.  This one, which I’ve titled “Among The Coral”, was inspired by a beautiful dried leaf which twisted and exhibited amazing colors.  Once I laid out the colors, the piece looked more like a water picture so I added some little moving orange inhabitants.

This piece is of dyed merino wool, silk, alpaca, vintage sari pieces, and sparkly sequins.

8 thoughts on ““Among The Coral” – A felted painting.

      1. LOL that is funny! I’m a scuba diver and they are what we look at to see which way the current is running when diving on a reef. I’m very fond of those little golden fish! 🙂

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        1. I took a few scuba lessons in a pool when I lived in France for a short while, but never got beyond that. Probably because I didn’t speak French well enough to understand the instructor! Ha ha


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