How much can we love each other? How much is too much?

In my last post I mentioned a meditation where I was filled with light and had a question answered.  Well, that was not the only question that was answered.

The second question I had been pondering for months was having to do with love.  In the classes I had been attending we became like family and I grew to love the people at Tracker school.  But in my mind I was confronted with a dilemma.  How much can we love each other without it becoming a problem for someone.  This was new territory for me because I had always been quite sheltered at home with my kids, too busy for much else.

So I had questions about my new feelings that I had been pondering.  When I was in the meditation where the light filled me, that question was answered in the same instant the other two questions were answered.  This is what I was given to understand.  We can love each other without limit, as long as it was pure.  In this context my understanding of “pure” meant without expectations.

As I have thought about this since, I have realized that we often have strings attached to our love for others.  To love purely, there are no strings.  Without strings or expectations we can love a great deal without getting hurt or hurting others.  Without expectations our love for another has nothing to do with whether or not the other person loves us back.  Our love has nothing to do with what we might get from the other person.  Loving without expectations has everything to do with simple pure love.

As I have loved others I try to examine myself to see if I have expectations, so I can love purely.  I think this may be what is meant by having Charity, or the pure love of Christ.  If we could all love each other in this way, there would be no problems in this world.


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