Fleeces are Fun!

I love this picture!  I don’t know what it is about wool fleeces but they just make my heart sing!

Here is a Romney fleece I have washed and is now drying all over my art studio. The fiber seem straighter now that it’s washed, and very fluffy. I’m going to enjoy using this wool for fiber art and for spinning.

I probably didn’t wash it correctly (in my bathtub). I’m going to have to look that up one day. I got it washed though and boy was it dirty!

I’ve gone a bit fleece crazy in the last few weeks and have several fleeces to play with, along with smaller amounts of raw wool.

One of my fiber art friends, Sarah Setzer, introduced me to a Raw wool Facebook site where one can buy raw fleeces directly from the sheep owners. I’ve got my fill of fleeces for now and will begin using them for amazingly textured wall hangings! Hee hee.

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