The Books Which Make An Author (part two)

I found this lovely little blog about writing and just had to reblog it!

Do I remember the first book to teach me what I needed to know to begin writing more complex tales?

Thankfully, I do.

When Mary Lennox found a key and unlocked a secret garden, I was unlocked with it. Frances Hodgson Burnett was the author that lifted me onto her shoulders, and she used The Secret Garden as a hoist. I wanted to know what that key unlocked. I wanted to know who owned that garden. I wanted to know the identity of that wailing boy in the dark rooms.

I suddenly understood that books are all about “I WANT!”

Do I put the book down and make dinner? I can’t because I want to know what happens.

Do I go to sleep and get my eight hours? I can’t because I want to know how it ends.

Books which don’t make the reader go I WANT TO KNOW will…

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