Month: March 2017

Yay! Sold Two More Scarves!

The last two scarves I had at The Arts Center in Corvallis sold!  This one, a 4 way reversible wrap made of soft merino wool, baby camel, silk, and yak;

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and this one, a reversible scarf made from soft merino wool, baby camel, and silk.

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When a fiber is called “baby” it doesn’t mean the fiber is from a baby animal.  The term baby is used to describe the softness.

Training My Pony to Stop Nipping

Elinor from “A Horse From Elinor” asked for some of her readers to blog about breakthroughs we had in training our horses.  Here is one from when I was a young girl with a pony.


Me training Trigger to stand for the county fair.  Notice he has my shirt in his mouth!

I owned a young  shetland stallion named Trigger, whom I owned when I was age 12 to 14. Trigger loved to nip at me

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