Horse tales . . . Or maybe I should say horse tails. 

When I got my Missouri Foxtrotter’s, they’re gorgeous long tails were so matted, the centers of their tails were big fat dreadlocks.  We have all three horses baths last summer and began working to untangle and comb out the two Foxtrotter’s tails. I could see it would not be easy.

When our new Ferrier came to trim their feet, she said she would just cut the dreadlocks out. I decided to do that. I cut them out and quickly regretted it when I saw them lift their tails. The long side tendrils hung down and the stubs from the cut off dreadlocks stuck up like weird looking bobtails.

I gave the cut off dreadlocks to my sister Krista, who would use them in her pottery. I guess when you put horse hairs in pottery when you fire them they make interesting patterns. But I always felt bad when the horses tried to switch their tails at the flies and were so ineffective.

One day when I was in the saddle shop I saw some long hairs hanging on the wall, held together with rubber bands here and there along the length, that looked kind of like a horse tail. I asked the owner what that was and he said it was horse hair extensions! 

I said, “Really? They have hair extension for horses?” 

He said, “Yes!” And smiled, kind of amused as my mouth fell open. 

Then I had an idea.  I decided to get the tails back and reattach them if I could. I think super glue would work. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Here’s a picture of the tangled tails I got back from my sister.

I’m going to try to get them all slippery with water and conditioner and see if I can untangle them first. I’ll keep you posted on this project.

3 responses to “Horse tales . . . Or maybe I should say horse tails. ”

    • Yes, and even though I kick myself for cutting the tails off, I also realize I could not have had a chance to untangle them if I had left them on. Last night I spent at least two hours with Honeys tail in the empty bath tub, covered with conditioner, working out the tangles, and I am still only maybe half way done.

      I realized too, the tangled tails were still completely effective tool in swatting flies, maybe even more effective because they were stiff which elongated the reach of the stiff part of the tail! And they still looked beautiful. I just had it in my head that the tails had to be untangled!!! Silly me.

      Owning horses is a learning process.

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