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My Etsy Store Has Scarves Again!

Now that Christmas if over, I took a little time to get the photos of my latest scarf creations up on Etsy!  Yay!


I am loving making the reversible scarves.  Check out the extra photos of these beauties and you will see what I mean.

I already have photos for two more new scarves coming onto Etsy soon.

Also, vintage brooches will soon be added to the buying options!  I just collected some beauties for the Etsy shop.  I hope you will check out my Etsy Store, like it, and share.  I intend to keep it stocked from now on!!!

Workaholic? Addicted to Sparkle and Shine? Or Maybe it’s the Bidding? LOL!

As Christmas approaches I find myself having a difficult time focusing my attention on the  holiday season.  I’ve started buying brooches to go with the scarves I make, hoping to sell some to my customers . . . making it easier for them to get gorgeous brooches and match them to the scarves they make at workshops, or to the scarves I make.

I’ve learned that there a lot of brooches that say “vintage” when they are simply new brooches that have a vintage look to them.  Most of them have the crystals/rhinestones glued in rather than held in with prongs.  Some of the glued ones are vintage too, but I figured out with my super smart brain that the ones that say 689 sold are not really vintage!  The true vintage brooches say “only one available” and you know the sparkly treasure is something someone enjoyed years ago, coming around again for a new life with another precious woman who loves sparkle!

Rhinestones are my favorite.  I guess I just love the way they glitter and shine.  I picked up a signed Weiss rhinestone brooch and it arrived yesterday.  It is my favorite so far, though there are many gorgeous brooches that have arrived already, with more to come.  But this one in particular is just stunning!  Not overly large, only an inch and a half, the clear, spiral flower shaped brooch has a presence about it that is almost magical!  I may have to keep this one, it just speaks to me.

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 12.47.48 AM.png

The little beauty, a Weiss brooch.

I’ve been going on eBay and bidding for some of them, which is kind of fun, to say the least!  Sometimes I can purchase a brooch outright, but often they are up for auction.  I only buy the ones that knock my socks off, whether they are true vintage and a little more money, or very inexpensive mass produced brooches.  I am partial to the vintage brooches, however, they are so classy!!  I am going to have to make a “light box” for photographing these to do them justice!  I will also be selling these with my scarves on my Etsy store when I get it going.


A larger gorgeous Weiss Brooch.


I Love Reversibility!

Making scarves is so much more fun now that I am making them reversible.  I just made a couple mini scarves that have the reversible quality I find so exciting.  Below is a slide show of the scarves and some of the looks that can be achieved with each.

First the fuchsia, garnet, lavender, and purple mini scarf.  All these looks are created with one 4 way reversible scarf.

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Next the aqua, blue, mint, and green mini 4 way reversible scarf.

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I have to admit, too, I have sort of fallen in love with brooches since I have begun making mini scarves.  I think it all started when  friend asked me to make a smaller scarf for her, that would go well with an heirloom brooch she owned.  I loved playing around with the colors to create something which would highlight the brooch as well as being beautiful itself.

These gorgeous and stylish mini scarves, made from the very soft merino wool and silk, will be selling for $95.00 each.  I will be selling brooches as well.  These will soon be on my Etsy site:

New Red Scarf


Here is the new scarf I crafted.  With each side different, and each edge different, this scarf can be worn in many different ways, to achieve many different looks.  My inspiration for the color combination was the flower pictured below.


Upcoming : Wet felting workshop – you will make, and take home, a beautiful and textured scarf of fine merino wool and silk.

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Upcoming Workshop Dates in 2017

Jan. 14th    Jan. 28th    Feb. 11th    Feb. 25th    Mar. 11th    Mar. 25th

Time: 12 noon – 6 pm (or until you finish creating your scarf)

Place: 1717 Sonya Dr. SE  Salem, Oregon.

I will consider other dates if these do not work for interested participants.

Since the workshop is in my home, I am able to accommodate 4 workshop participants at a time, so register early to save your place, or places for a small group.  I have approximately 100 merino wool and merino/silk blend colors waiting to be made into gorgeous, soft, artistic scarves.  I also have some yak/silk/merino blends, baby camel/silk blend, pure silk fiber, and tensile fiber, for extra soft and shiny accents. I provide all the tools and tables to accommodate each participants needs.

You will learn basic wet felting techniques and how to place colors to get desired results.  You will make, and take home with you, a two sided scarf with a center core for strength and durability, of your own color choices.

  • There is no knitting or crocheting involved in this technique!

The cost is $85, or $75 when registered at least one week in advance.  Participants must be age 13 or older; however, if desired, a parent and child under 14, can register together as one participant and make one scarf together.

I must have at least one participant registered at least 24 hours in advance, as I rearrange my home to run a workshop.

To register, please email or text me of your interest, or leave your contact information here indicating which workshop you would like to attend.

Contact information

My email is

My phone and text # is 407-766-2588.  I sometimes do not answer the phone so please leave a message with your information, and I will return your call.  Please leave your name, phone number, and email address; as well as which workshop you would like to attend, or if you have a different date you would like to suggest for a workshop.  Once your registration is confirmed and your place is saved, please mail the workshop fee of $75 to 1717 Sonya Dr. SE Salem, Oregon 97317.

Two New Scarves

Here’s the first one. It is 5 feet long and about 8 inches wide. This one will be for sale at the Art Center in Corvallis for $90. Or, with the vintage brooch, $105.

Below is the other scarf. Similar colors but slightly different.

These two scarves are both priced the same. Both will be for sale at the Art Center in Corvallis.

Cheryl’s Studio Rendering Done!


This is an approximation of how Cheryl’s studio will look in the setting of my yard.  Cheryl and friends have already gotten the base of the floor done and some of the wall bones up.  With the weather being only intermittently dry, she takes the moments as they come and dons her warm fluffy jacket and boots and works till she’s too cold.  Then she comes in and warms up before going out again.

To see some preliminary drawings and fun photos, building up to all this, click on the link below:


It seems the more scarves I make, the more ideas I have for making scarves!

Here is another many – way reversible wrap I finished on Saturday. It is at the Corvallis art center for $140.  The following photos are all of the same scarf! It is so versatile!
Fine merino and silk in teal, brown, and gold with touches of tencel, baby camel and yak down.

This is a new pattern I worked out for an art scarf on the dress form with batting.  Funny thing is when I unwrapped the batting pattern, it was almost the same shape as the shawl Cheryl made at my workshop!  Ha ha!

I had a second long scarf sell at the art center yesterday for $150. It was the yak and silk 50/50 blend. The woman bought that particular scarf for it’s ultra softness.  It is so exciting to be selling my work at the Art Center in Corvallis.

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