What Colors Excite You?


Color makes my heart sing and my good feelers bliss out.  Whenever I see some color combination that rocks my world I do my best to get a copy of it on my computer with a screenshot, on my cell phone camera, or in a scrapbook if the photo is in a magazine.  I love that I can take screenshots of images I find when I am working online.  There are so many beautiful pictures that have been shared in one way or another.

All the photos above were screenshots online.  I also have spiral notebooks which I use as scrapbooks for magazine photos I love.  Over the years I have collected several notebooks of magazine cutouts.  One is of home decorations I love, one is of Christmas decorations I love, one is of plants, one is of flowers, one is of clothes, one is of “pretty things”.  These are fun to look at when I am relaxing; or looking for inspiration for art, or sewing, or scarf making, or whatever I might want to create.  I even found looking at my favorite photos of colors or beautiful things, can bring me up out of a less than happy mood.  Occasionally I have taken my scrapbooks, when I am tired and feeling down, and leisurely gone through them.  I found that looking at my favorite pictures again brought joy and love into my heart.

There must be something about the vibrational frequency that makes some colors so healing to a person.  Just like music, colors vibrate.  Colors affect us more than we may realize.  You probably have favorite colors, colors that make you feel good when you look at them.  I obviously do.  That is probably why I love painting and sewing and making things, because I like to chose my own colors and create things with them.

When I was young I thought it was odd that we couldn’t see more colors.  It seemed that if we could see some colors, why would there be a limit to them.  I knew there were more but we just couldn’t see them.  I wondered about all the colors we couldn’t see.  I used to try to put two colors together that, when placed next to each other, almost made me think one of the colors was a new one I hadn’t seen before, because when it was next to that particular color it seemed to look different.  I used to look for colors that were mixed in such a way that I wondered if I was seeing a new color that no one had noticed before.

Lately, when I paint of make something with fiber, making a recognizable image just doesn’t do color justice.  I prefer to let color and texture speak for itself, without any distraction.

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