Month: November 2016

What Colors Excite You?


Color makes my heart sing and my good feelers bliss out.  Whenever I see some color combination that rocks my world I do my best to get a copy of it on my computer with a screenshot, on my cell phone camera, or in a scrapbook if the photo is in a magazine.  I love that I can take screenshots of images I find when I am working online.  There are so many beautiful pictures that have been shared in one way or another.

All the photos above were screenshots online.  I also have spiral notebooks which I use as scrapbooks for magazine photos I love.  Over the years I have collected several notebooks of magazine cutouts.  One is of home decorations I love, one is of Christmas decorations I love, one is of plants, one is of flowers, one is of clothes, one is of “pretty things”.  These are fun to look at when I am relaxing; or looking for inspiration for art, or sewing, or scarf making, or whatever I might want to create.  I even found looking at my favorite photos of colors or beautiful things, can bring me up out of a less than happy mood.  Occasionally I have taken my scrapbooks, when I am tired and feeling down, and leisurely gone through them.  I found that looking at my favorite pictures again brought joy and love into my heart.

There must be something about the vibrational frequency that makes some colors so healing to a person.  Just like music, colors vibrate.  Colors affect us more than we may realize.  You probably have favorite colors, colors that make you feel good when you look at them.  I obviously do.  That is probably why I love painting and sewing and making things, because I like to chose my own colors and create things with them.

When I was young I thought it was odd that we couldn’t see more colors.  It seemed that if we could see some colors, why would there be a limit to them.  I knew there were more but we just couldn’t see them.  I wondered about all the colors we couldn’t see.  I used to try to put two colors together that, when placed next to each other, almost made me think one of the colors was a new one I hadn’t seen before, because when it was next to that particular color it seemed to look different.  I used to look for colors that were mixed in such a way that I wondered if I was seeing a new color that no one had noticed before.

Lately, when I paint of make something with fiber, making a recognizable image just doesn’t do color justice.  I prefer to let color and texture speak for itself, without any distraction.

So Excited About Silk!

As I study other fiber artist’s work online, I have noticed how some of them use patterned sections in their scarves and I wondered how they got those effects.  Knowing they use silk and merino as I do, I realized they must be using printed silk.  I went online and found beautiful old sari’s for sale, so I picked out my favorites (pictured above) and ordered them!  I also saw some gorgeous iridescent silks in solid colors and ordered some of those too.  I am very excited about incorporating these exquisite colors and patterns into my scarf designs!

I have some silk already, for my scarf designs and for use in the workshops, but in the very near future I will have even more!

Sister Cheryl’s Tiny Archetect Studio Coming to Life

As the sun sets slowly in the west, Cheryl and my husband John put plywood on the joists of Cheryl’s tiny architect studio. Between the joists are some of the 4 inch thick rigid foam insulation pieces given to her through Craig’s list.

On sprinkely overcast days like today, sometimes I feel like just staying inside the nice warm house, but when I get outside and help with a project I always feel so invigorated and happy afterwards. Then when I go in the house I feel like I’ve gotten something accomplished. Today, while Cheryl and John worked on her studio, I spent my time outside insulating the pipes that run to the automatic watering troughs in the barn and fixing a broken latch and taking care of the horses with Ryan.

Planned workshops have passed. If you are interested in a workshop, please communicate with me. There is a workshop questionnaire on the workshop page.

Wet Felting Workshop — Passed

I love felting and I love teaching others to felt!  It is very relaxing and fun!  I am offering several workshops as the holidays approach.

Each participant will make a personally designed super soft merino and silk scarf or wrap.  I provide all the materials as part of the workshop fee.

Who can register:

Participants must be 16 years or older, unless special permission is given.  A parent and younger child, (12 or older) could work together on one scarf as a single participant.


Cost is $75 per participant at least 24 hours ahead of class start time.  I must have at least  one participant registered 24 hours in advance to run the class.

Due to space constraints, each workshop is limited to four participants.  Preregistration is encouraged to secure your place.  There are no refunds, but I can get you into a different class if, for a good reason, you cannot make the one you registered for.

What to bring:

Participants must bring their own meals and snacks.

Class dates and times are:

Monday  Nov. 28, 2016     11 am – 6 pm or until finished.

Monday  Dec. 5, 2016     11 am – 6 pm or until finished.

Thursday Dec. 8, 2016   11am – 6pm or until finished.

Saturday  Dec. 10, 2016     11 am – 6 pm or until finished.


Workshops will be held in my home 1717 Sonya Dr. SE Salem, OR 97317.  You may call or text to register at 407-766-2588, or email me at  Please give me your name, and the name of any other participants, and the date of the workshop you would like to attend.  After registering and I have let you know there is an opening for you in the workshop, you may drop your registration fees off at my home.  Call to make sure I am home.  I take cash and checks only at this time.


Friction Fire Workshop — Passed


Fire in my earth oven in my spiral cabin in the Cascades.

Fire is a blessing and a wonderful friend.  Learning to make friction fire really gets you in touch with fire and creates a relationship between you and fire you may never have felt before.  I love to teach others to make fire in this ancient way.

I will provide the materials for you to make your own friction fire kit of cedar wood.  I have knives I can loan you to use or you can bring your own non folding sheath knife good for carving.  To carve a kit and make fire takes humility, skill and coordination, and seldom comes easily.  I allow many hours for a workshop because people’s abilities vary widely.  I cannot guarantee that YOU will make fire at this workshop, but I can let you come to future workshops until you make fire yourself.  We will discuss knife safety and take every precaution to keep everyone safe.

Once you know fire in this way, what a great gift to pass on to your family and friends.

Who can register:

Participants must be 16 years or older unless accompanied by a parent to assist them.  Participants must use knife safety rules at all times.  Participants (and their parents if a minor) must realize that though all precautions are taken to keep people safe, injuries can occur and by attending this class you will not hold me or my family liable for your injury.  Each participant or parent of participant must sign a release of liability and take responsibility for their own safety.


Cost for this 7 hour workshop is $75 per participant at least 24 hours in advance.  I must have at least one participant registered 24 hours in advance to run the workshop.

What to bring:

Participants must bring their own meals and snacks.

Participants must dress for the temperature outside as we will be working under cover outdoors.

Class Dates and Times:

Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016   11am-6pm

Monday, Dec. 12, 2016  11am-6pm


Workshops will be held at my home 1717 Sonya Dr. SE Salem, OR 97317. You may call or text to register at 407-766-2588, or email me at Please give me your name, and the name of any other participants, and the date of the workshop you would like to attend. After registering and I have let you know there is an opening for you in the workshop, you may drop your registration fees off at my home. Call to make sure I am home. I take cash and checks only at this time.

Another four-way reversible wrap inspired by my autumn birch tree

Possibility number one.

Possibility number two.

Possibility number three.

Possibility number four.

Of course, if you should switch which end is on top, you have another four possibilities. And that is just folding it in this particular way!

For sale at the art center in Corvallis for $180.  For sale on Etsy (CLICK HERE) for $95.00.  Broach not included.

My new design: a four plus-way reversible wrap!

This is for sale now at my Etsy store for $95.00.  Click here to see!

This nuno felted four-way reversible wrap has a sheer silk scarf center. Each side has different end looks and one side has two color bands for creating multiple possible looks depending on how the rap is folded around the shoulders. I used super soft Merino wool, yak down, and silk for this gorgeous fall/winter look.

Here are more views showing the versatility of this wrap.


For sale at the Corvallis art center for $150.

Detail of the yak and silk blend featured on this wrap.

Wahls Protocol : Day 15, Rationalization

Yesterday, after days of low energy, I had had enough of feeling tired.  I had my grandkids here, asking to help me . . . no . . . begging to help me so they could earn video game time.  I decided I really just needed to eat some chocolate so I would have enough energy to be able to direct their energy toward productivity.  It was one of those ox in the mire moments.  So I ate my chocolate — the bar I had hidden away to use for medicinal purposes only — and I’m not sorry about it.

Today I called my doctor’s office to get the results of my last blood test to see if my thyroid medicine was doing any good.  I have been trying different ones for almost a year now.

“Well,” they said, “it has been helping, you are closer to normal.”

“But I am not in the normal range yet?” I asked.

“No, but you are getting closer and the doctor said to continue with your medication as prescribed,” the lady in the doctor’s office said.  “In about 6 weeks we can get your blood rechecked.”

“I’ve been taking this dose for three months now,” I pointed out, just in case she didn’t realize it.

“Oh, yes,” she acknowledged after looking at my chart some more, “I see that you have been on this dose for three months already.  Hmmm.  Well, the doctor said you should continue on this dose.”

“Does it accumulate in the body so the longer I take it the more normal my hormones are?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think so.  You’ll have to ask the doctor about that when you come in again,” she hedged.

I said, “Ok, I guess for now I’ll just have to eat chocolate for energy.”

She didn’t seem to know what to say to my smart aleck remark and got off the phone with a quick, “Ok, goodbye.”

In all honesty I have to say I am glad I was able to get so much done today and yesterday.  I couldn’t have done it without my old friend chocolate.  After the work was done and I was relaxing, I felt happy.  I remembered hearing people say that chocolate is an anti depressant.  I have to agree.  Maybe that’s how people who drink coffee feel.  I understand much better now.

So my rationalization, for now, is that eating chocolate when I need the extra energy is ok until I figure something better out.  Melanie has something for me to try: some herbs and seaweed and lots of other good stuff.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Having children who can teach me is so wonderful!

Wahls Protocol : Day 11, Anger is a Monkey Wrench!

Following a diet is most challenging to me when I am either busy with a project and don’t want to take the time to make special food, or when I get mad.  I got angry yesterday, and in my anger I went in and ate a donut and a brownie!  I didn’t call my daughters, who are my help line; I didn’t stop and analyze why my anger was throwing me off; I just ate the goodies as if somehow I was somehow punishing someone.  As if I were saying, “Hah!  So there!  Now see what you made me do!”  And there was some smugness involved.

Thinking about it later I wondered why messing up my healthy diet was triggered by anger.  One of my mentors, Tom Frank, who taught my sweat lodge class, once told me, “When you think you are angry at someone, you are really angry at yourself.”

I thought about what Tom had said and I wondered how being mad at someone meant I was really mad at myself.  How could I be mad at myself?  I’m not the one who did the awful thing!  Looking deeply I realized that although I may be angry at someone else for what they did, I am also angry at myself for what I did, what I didn’t do, or what I allowed someone else to do to me.  What Tom said was true.  There was always an element of being angry with myself when I have been angry with someone else.

Perhaps getting mad at someone else triggered me to be angry at myself for letting someone get to me, being frustrated, feeling impotent, feeling misunderstood or abused.  My anger was with myself for not knowing how to deal with the situation effectively.  I began to self destruct.

Or, on the other hand, perhaps eating the comfort food was simply a reach for comfort during my stress of being angry.  But if that were true, why would I feel like I was punishing someone by eating unhealthy food?

Eating the donut and brownie yesterday did not make me feel better, though.  I felt more tired than I have been lately.  Good to know.

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